Benefits of a Mini Split AC Systems

mini split ac system

Experience the Comfort of Cool Air

On the East coast, like Virginia Beach, Virginia, the summers may not be as blisteringly hot as in the more southern states. But you can be certain the humidity brings the heat alive! With that in mind, homeowners want comfort in their homes, but every room may not need the same level of the temperature setting. And that is where mini split AC systems are an excellent solution. 

Mini split AC systems are a cost-effective and efficient way to cool one room or multiple rooms with just one condenser but multiple indoor components that can be mounted on the ceiling or a wall.  This system is referred to as zoned cooling because the temperature can be adjusted in each room. Where the standard HVAC system has air ductwork in the attic mini split AC systems do not. 

How easy is it to install a mini split AC system? 

There definitely aren’t the technical complications to installing mini split AC systems that HVAC systems have, starting with no air ductwork! To connect the exterior component to the various interior components, you will need to create a 3” hole in the wall for the electrical wires and pipes. 

The exterior unit of mini split AC systems will typically have 25 feet of connecting pipes. This is enough piping to set it as far as 24 feet away from the interior evaporator. This enables you to position the exterior unit so that it doesn’t become a part of your landscaping! 

Another bonus to mini split AC system is the flexibility of the interior component. The component can be installed on the ceiling or a wall, whichever suits your interior decoration the best. Each interior component is approximately eight inches deep and has a high-tech jacket. There are models with remote controls for easy on/off of the cooling or heating options. 

How well do mini split AC systems cool a room? 

Because they are small in size, it is a concern for anyone considering mini split AC systems for their home is, “Will it cool the house enough?”. This highly efficient system will cool just as well as the traditional HVAC or room air conditioner units, as low as 60 to 64 degrees.

Do mini split AC systems require a lot of maintenance? 

Mini split AC systems are a new technology that is creating a lot of attention and questions. But mini split AC systems do not require any more maintenance than a traditional HVAC system does. 

Mini split AC systems are designed for easy access to the air filters, making it them easy to clean or change, almost hassle-free. When you consider that in some homes, the air conditioning filter is in the attic, these are much easier to reach and service as needed. 

Are mini split AC systems noisy? 

With a decibel level of 32 on average, mini split AC systems are one of the quietest ways to cool your home or office. The average HVAC or window air conditioning system has a noise level between 50 and 72 decibels in comparison. 

Are mini split AC systems good for allergy sufferers? 

With the typical HVAC system, if you don’t perform routine maintenance, including changing or cleaning the air filter, allergens build up and can be a source of irritants for those with respiratory issues. 

With mini split AC systems being ductless, you have less allergen buildup. And with routine changing or cleaning of the filter in each room, you can keep dust and microscopic allergens minimized. 

Are mini split AC systems compatible with smart home systems?

If you choose one of the mini split AC systems that have WiFi capability, then yes, a smart AC thermostat that is WiFi-enabled can operate the system. Today, there are smart AC controllers designed specifically for mini splits.

How much energy can mini split AC systems save? 

The U.S. Department of Energy has stated that you can save as much as 30% on energy costs with mini split AC systems for cooling and heating. So, what does that mean dollar on the dollar?  If your electricity bill is $110, mini split AC systems will save you as much as $40 each in one month. Multiply that by 12 months, that is $500 in annual savings! 

Bottom Line: What is the average price of a mini split AC system? 

You won’t spend as much as you would for an HVAC system! The cost can vary with several factors to be considered. Those factors are: 

  • The BTU count
  • The number of heads and units
  • The SEER rating
  • The installation (if you choose a professional installation service)

And the brand you choose can affect the cost factor. Each brand may have different levels of quality, which will affect the final cost of the mini split AC system too. Work with an experienced contractor that can guide you to the choice right for your budget and home. If you are looking for a mini-split ac system in Virginia Beach, VA, we can help! Call 757-633-9949 today to set up an appointment.