Can you patch a shingle roof?

damaged shingle roof with cracked materials

Temporarily fixing your roof

If you’re asking yourself, “Should I repair or replace my roof?”, the best person to ask this question is a professional roofing contractor. They have the proper equipment and experience in roof issues and will do a thorough inspection and advise you if roof shingles repair is sufficient or if a new roof is the better option.

Being able to do roof shingles repair is one of the shingle roof benefits. Many times, a shingle or two replaced can fix your roof, saving you from having to pay for a whole roof replacement. Other benefits of a shingle roof are:

The manufacturing of asphalt shingles enables them to provide a roof adequate protection with the following:

  • Algae resistance.
  • Durability.
  • Fire resistance.
  • Hail damage.
  • Locking shingles.
  • Low-cost maintenance.
  • Solar reflecting.
  • Wind damage. 

Will roof leak with one shingle missing?

After a storm has come through your area, as a homeowner, you should look around the exterior of your home and property for possible damage and the need for roof shingles repair and other damages. Should you notice a missing shingle or two, you may wonder, if there isn’t any leak, can shingle roof be repaired? 

Chances are if this is the situation, you most likely have a 3-tab shingle asphalt roof. One strong wind gust ripped that shingle tap off, and you may find it in your yard. In that case, it likely is the shingle that was sitting just above a seam that is now open above the lower shingle.

The roof with standard 3-tab asphalt shingles is installed next to each other. Each row above the one installed will cover the seams to the sides of the lower row of shingles. Whether a roof shingles repair will be possible will depend if there was any damage done to the shingles around the one or two that came off. 

How do you repair a leaky shingle roof?      

Should you be so lucky that you only have a minor issue and you have found the leak, you can do a shingle roof leak repair yourself and not have to call professional. The following are steps that will guide you through a roof shingles repair process:

  1. Check for water damage inside the attic using a flashlight. Look for mold or water stains and then note the location on the ceiling of the attic so you know where to find it on the exterior.
  2. Look for shingles that are cracked, curled, or missing shingles and evaluate the size of the area to repair.
  3. Straighten any curled shingles, attach the found shingle or a replacement shingle and using a caulking gun, apply roof sealant under the corner and edges. Press down with a trowel to assure the shingle is thoroughly covered underneath with roof cement. 

While many fixes are relatively simple, it’s best to call shingle roof repair contractors for a quote on any widespread damage, or if you believe there is structural damage, or if the roof is twenty years or older.

How do I stop my roof from leaking inside?

A roof leak is never a good thing, whether it happens during a heavy rainstorm or it is simply a small hole. The goal is to get roof shingles repair as soon as possible before water seeps into the walls, creating more damage.

We provided steps on how to make an exterior repair by replacing missing shingles, but what about the interior? For a temporary patch, follow these steps:

  • Purchase a piece of plywood, roofing tar, and a putty knife
  • Cut the plywood to the size of the hole
  • Using the putty knife, spread the tar over the hole
  • Spread additional tar around the patch edges

You may need to hammer in some nails or install screws to hold the patch until it dries. After you have the exterior roof fixed, doing the repair yourself, or hiring one of the qualified shingle roof repair contractors, you can replace that plywood with drywall and repaint the ceiling.  

shingles on a roof

How do you attach shingles to an existing roof?

Sometimes, new shingles can be installed over old shingles and still be attractive.  Extreme care must be taken to install the shingles, making sure they are flat. The following steps will guide you through the process:

  • Remove the ridge caps, nails, air vents, and pipe flashings.
  • Repair any cracked or torn old shingles with roofing cement. 
  • Clean away any broken shingles, twigs, and debris with a large broom. 
  • Install the U-shaped drip flashings at the eave and rake.
  • Install W-shape metal in any new valley.
  • Rip-cut the shingles and place them so they butt up against the existing shingles.
  • Butt the remaining shingles against the bottom of the existing shingles and nail I place at the tab slots. 

Once the shingles are installed, install flashing around plumbing vents and other protrusions. 

It is understandable homeowners are looking for ways to save money and the DIY process of roof shingles repair and roof replacement can save a lot of money. It is also important to think of the danger for the inexperienced and the lack of warranty you’ll have.  Shingle manufacturers won’t support their warranty if the roofing wasn’t installed by qualified roofing contractors. Get the roof shingle repairs you need in Virginia Beach, VA when you dial 757-633-9949.