How to get emergency plumbing services

Water bursting through corroded pipe along seam

What is considered a plumbing emergency?

When you turn on the shower every morning, you expect water to flow from the showerhead and disappear down the drain. When you flush the toilet, you expect water to wash the waste until it disappears. This has become natural for us, and when these things don’t happen as expected, sometimes it requires emergency plumbing service, or do they?

Plumbers say are the most common emergency plumbing issues they get phone calls for are the following:

  • Busted Water Pipes
  • Frozen Pipes
  • Leaking Fixtures
  • Clogged Drains and Toilets
  • Gas leaks          

Is a water leak an emergency?

Some people would say it depends on the size of the leak, but a plumber will tell you that if you can see water leaking, it needs attention, and the sooner the better. The first thing you should do as the homeowner is to turn the water off at the water main, which is something that you should locate as soon as you move into your house just for this reason.  Don’t wait until you have a need for emergency plumbing service to find it and know how to access it. 

Sometimes, a leak doesn’t seem bad enough for emergency plumbing service, does that mean it isn’t a real emergency?  Like a leak that doesn’t appear too bad, a small leak. Even though it may not seem to be a leak that requires you scrambling to get emergency plumbing service, it is still a leaking problem that should be dealt with as quickly as possible. 

Even the smallest of leaks, dripping under a sink from a drainpipe, water stain on the ceiling or walls, can be a bigger issue in the near future that will require emergency plumbing service. Because you can put something under to catch the drip, it doesn’t mean it’s “fixed”. You’ve simply applied a bandaid, and the problem will only get bigger and that drip or small leak is your warning sign to get ready for an emergency plumbing fixtures or pipe repairs.          

Can clogged pipes cause leaks?

Yes, emergency plumbing and drain call that plumbers get are from a clogged drain that caused back up in the pipes, then overflowed. Water always seeks the path of least resistance, meaning it will go through cracks in caulking, around pipe threads, and eventually end up in places you least expect or need them. So, a clogged upstairs bathtub drain could end up on your dining room table.

Maybe the bathtub drain was slowly draining for a while, a warning sign that you may have not noticed or thought you’d address later. Now that it has busted through the pipe or overflowed onto the floor and found its way to the dining room below, you have an emergency plumbing service need that will cost you a lot more money and time than if you had addressed it earlier.         

How long does it take for a plumber to fix a leak?

Well, that can depend on the leak. Factors that affect the time to fix a leak is where is the leak? If it is under the house that is pier and beam, it could only take a couple of hours. However, if the leak is under the house on a concrete slab, it could take two to three days, maybe longer. Or if the leak is underground in the yard, that can take a few days.
Those hidden leaks in slabs and underground have to be found first. Then there will be jackhammering of the slab or trenching the ground. Fortunately, most plumbers have a camera system that allows them to make a small hole in the foundation or ground and push the camera through until they find the leak. Then they know exactly where the leak is and what they need to fix the leak.

Water damaged wall torn out to expose plumbing issue

Do plumbers fix water damage? 

Emergency plumbing services may or may not include repairing damage caused by the leak. It is decided by the plumber to what extent they will go with making repairs. If the interior of your home has sustained water damage, in addition to dealing with the water leak too, it can be overwhelming. 

Depending on how much water has built up, you may need to have it professionally extracted so that mildew and mold don’t get started. It is imperative to address this issue right away and get the drywall, flooring, furniture, and other damaged items dried out, repaired, or replaced. 

Nobody wants to experience the need for emergency plumbing service, and we tend to put these things out of our mind, not wanting to jinx ourselves.  The best thing any homeowner can do is find services like an electrician and plumber to have on speed dial, so when these things happen, you’re one step in getting things fixed.  Do you need emergency plumbing service in Virginia Beach, VA? Call Neblett Construction at 757-633-9949 today!