Is a kitchen remodel a good investment?

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Has your family outgrown your home, maybe the kitchen sees more activity than it used to?

Or maybe you’ve grown tired as it has begun to look a little weary after years of use and abuse. You could  be thinking about the future, making a downsize step once the last kid has left the nest, so you’re wondering what would get you the highest dollar on the market. Well, consider a kitchen remodel job. 

Today, the kitchen is often the centerpiece of a home. This isn’t just where meals are prepared any more. The kitchen is a family room, homework study room, even where we entertain our guests. Which is why we want a kitchen remodel that makes it a showpiece, which won’t hurt if we decide to sell. 

The cost of a kitchen remodel or kitchen renovation is quite different. A complete  kitchen remodel that includes custom cabinetry with granite countertops and a tile backsplash, commercial-grade appliances built-in can cost up to $100,000 or more. 

A kitchen renovation isn’t as extravagant. This usually consists of replacing the appliances with basic, common, Energy Star rated units. Redo the cabinet fronts and change out the hardware, add new laminate countertops and new flooring.  This cost a fraction of that complete kitchen remodel, around $20,000. 

What is the most expensive part of a kitchen remodel?

The appliances of course are costly, around $8,000 to $10,000, but believe it or not, the kitchen cabinetry can be the most expensive part for your kitchen remodel.   To replace the kitchen cabinetry, your kitchen remodel budget can cost up to $15,000 to $25,000. Once you have those new cabinets in, you’ll want to top them off with countertops that match and will give you the longest lifespan. Depending on what type of countertops you choose, you can expect to spend around $6,000 to $8,000. 

These prices are dependent on how big your kitchen is of course. A galley style kitchen won’t have the amount of cabinetry and countertops that a gourmet kitchen has. Of course, the quality of the cabinets you choose for your kitchen remodel will make a huge difference. Custom made kitchen cabinets will be a better fit and quality, but the basic cabinetry from a home improvement store get the job done too for a lot less money. 

How much does a kitchen remodel increase home value?

Eighty percent of homebuyers want a recently complete kitchen remodel these days. Why? Well, considering the estimates we provided just now, that only makes sense. They want the expense and the work done please.  So, you’re considering a kitchen remodel before placing your home on the market, that is the best strategy! 

So far, halfway through 2021, the standard ROI for a mid-range kitchen remodel, you can expect to get as much as 60% of your money back. So, you spend up to $69,000 on a kitchen remodel, you could as little as $34,000 up to as much as $42,000 back. However, do a  smaller kitchen renovation or upgrade, you could get as much as 80% ROI when you spend $25,000 or less. 

How do you update old cabinets?

If your kitchen remodel budget doesn’t have room for all new, customized, or out-of-the box cabinets, do a cabinet makeover instead! Reface them, refurbish them, or refresh the, your kitchen cabinets don’t need a major overhaul when these suggestions do the same thing: 

  • Paint –  Is your kitchen old school dark? Brighten it up by painting the cabinets a bright color, even a fresh coat of gloss white will give that old school kitchen new pizzaz. 
  • Crackle – A new color is good, but you can do more and change the style too by  going shabby chic with a crackle finish. Crackling glaze is available at your local paint store, and you can decide if you want thin crackling or thick crackling by adjusting the thickness you apply. 
  • Distressed – If your kitchen is old and the cabinets are really beat up and worn, that is the rustic finish that is popular today in kitchen remodeling. If yours aren’t beat up or worn, then layer on the colors in a splatter style then use an old chain to beat them up. A little sanding once the paint is dry in sporadic spots will reveal the different colors. 
  • Antiqued – Give your kitchen remodeled cabinets an aging,  provincial look with a sped up process by dipping paintbrush tips in a lighter color lighter then dab the excess on a cloth so the brush is almost dry, then lightly graze surface of corners, seams, or trim.
  • Reface – Make those old cabinets look new again by replacing the doors and hardware. You can do this for under $1,000. Can’t find doors you can afford that fit? Shop for the new peel-and-stick veneer, available at most wood working stores. 
  • Pull-Out Cabinet Shelf – Get more from your existing storage with pull-out shelf installation in all the base cabinets. 
  • Undercabinet Lighting – Nothing says modernized kitchen remodel than adding lighting under the cabinets! Even if you don’t sell you house, you’ll benefit from this upgrade. 
  • Butcher Block Island –  Give your kitchen that cozy, homey look with a butcher-block countertop table in the middle. This can give your kitchen a 19th-century style worktable that tones down the coldness that your metal appliance and stone counters create. 
  • Crown Molding –  This can make your basic cabinetry look like it custom made and expensive. 
remodeled kitchen

How do you update old kitchen countertops?

Here are seven ideas for redoing the countertops without putting a lot of kitchen remodel money into the project:  

1. A Concrete Marble Look

Marble is the look of higher-end homes and with this process, it becomes super affordable for a basic kitchen remodel.  Sand the surface, then apply a feather finish, following the instructions. Next, ,apply an even layer of  concrete. Once dry, go over with it 120 grit sandpaper. Repeat this process for two more layers  and you have customized countertops! 

2. The Tile Style

Apply a waterproof membrane over your existing countertop then tile away! 

3. A Layer of  Paint

Use various sized sponges and different colors of paint to create a  faux-stone countertop. With various tones, you’ll have depth and once you’ve got the look your happy with, apply a sealant.

 4. Put Your Pennies To Work 

Give your countertops a  unique look with mosaic copper penny.  Using vinegar and salt, shine your pennies and allow them to dry. Then spread glue over the counter and lay the pennies down.  Wrap the edges with wood or some alternative material and after you have all the pennies down, apply an epoxy to fill in between the pennies and dry with a hairdryer. Any bubbles pop up, poke them with a toothpick.

5. Chalkboard

Chalkboard paint is a beautiful look that every kitchen remodel needs to utilize somewhere. This functional coating is the simplest to use. First roll on a primer then your  chalkboard paint. Allow it to dry then roll on a matte chalkboard paint that is food safe and nontoxic.  

6. Contact Paper

On a kitchen counter? Yes, contact paper is an inexpensive and  great way to transform countertops. Clean the counters thoroughly and once they are dry, position your contact paper with as little seams as you can. With a credit card or a straight edge, flatten the paper down.  

7. Stone Paint

Today, you can buy textured spray paint that looks just like stone. Sand your countertop first then apply 3 to 4 coats of the spray stone paint product, keep the coats even, and finish off with a poly sealant for protections. 

If you’re confused as to what the difference is between a kitchen remodel vs renovation, you’re not the only one? These two terms are interchanged throughout the industry, but to clarify: a kitchen renovation is the restoring to its  previous condition.  A kitchen remodel is creating new within the same general area.  Depending on what part of the country you’re located, the neighborhood you’re in, doing a kitchen remodel to sell house can be a game changer that brings you a better price. Or it could be an overkill and you’ll lose money. Call 757-633-9949 today for your kitchen remodel in Virginia Beach, VA.