Is Siding Really Necessary?

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What’s the cheapest way to side a house?

Home siding isn’t just for aesthetics and the color theme for the exterior of a home. That is a secondary purpose of siding. What is home siding then? Its first purpose is to provide a layer of protection against the elements and provide a level of security.  

Siding is the first thing that is exposed to danger and weather before it reaches the interior and your family. It is for these two purposes that when you need home siding replacement and repairs, it is important to find a professional that knows how to install home siding correctly. 

Vinyl siding is the least expensive and most versatile home siding. Replacement pieces and repairs are easy to install and a DIY homeowner with the right tools can do the replacement and repairs. For the budget-minded homeowner, vinyl siding is the number one choice in this country. 

At two to five dollars per square foot, in some areas, even $1 per square foot can be found in limit, but with these low prices, you’re also getting a low quality, thin material. There is more expensive quality of vinyl siding that is thicker and more durable, which will give you fewer needs for home siding replacements and repairs. 

  • The pros of vinyl siding, this fabricated man-made material is made to look expensive, but isn’t. It can be the perfect look for a characteristic Craftsman architecture or a decorative Victorian architecture, and anything in between and beyond. 
  • The con of vinyl siding is that it has a short lifespan. It buckles, cracks, and fades easily and quick, requiring home siding replacement sooner than a higher quality material like brick or wood. The seams are visible, making it somewhat unattractive, and this isn’t an eco-friendly material. It isn’t from recycled materials and it isn’t recyclable itself. 

What is the easiest siding to install?

Again, vinyl siding is the winner when you’re looking for an easy install. In comparison to other sidings, vinyl siding cuts easily and can be installed quickly. Installing vinyl siding takes more prep work than some other types of siding but doesn’t require painting. There are several videos online that provide instructions for vinyl siding installation and some big box home improvement stores offer classes on the home siding replacement process, including siding replacement and repairs. 

Should you remove old siding before installing new?

When homeowners get estimates and quotes for vinyl or any type of home siding replacement, the cot to tear off the old before installing the new is the first thing they try to save money by asking, “Can you install the new home siding replacement over the existing?” or Can I replace siding myself?

With vinyl siding, most manufacturer’s instructions for installation have no specifics or state that installing vinyl home siding replacement over existing is acceptable. Other home siding replacements like engineered wood or  fiber cement will specifically state warranty is voided when installed over existing siding. 

Many contractors will not quote or install any type of home siding replacement job to be installed over existing siding. Why? Because of the possible damage under the existing siding  Often, the old siding you see on a home is there to cover up damaged, deteriorated, rotten wood. When a home siding replacement job is done correctly, that damaged and rotted wood should be repaired or replaced first. If it isn’t is will keep decaying and deteriorating, spreading its rot to the rest of the house. 

In regard to doing your own home siding replacement job, the manufacturer’s warranty should be considered.  For an inexpensive vinyl siding, there probably isn’t much consideration. However, other home siding replacement materials are likely to have stipulations in the warranty that a certified and licensed contractor needs to do the installation and any home siding replacement or repairs. 

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Does new siding increase home value?

If you are considering placing your home on the market, there are probably several home projects and repairs that your real estate agent will recommend. Which one are going to get you the more ROI though? If you’re looking at the exterior of your home and wondering if home siding replacement will bring you the right buyers willing to pay listing price, there are a few things to consider: 

  • The Condition Currently: Home siding is the first level of protection against fire, pests, water, and weather. So this means it is abused 24/7/365 and is in a vulnerable position and could look like it has been in a battle. If there isn’t a lot of visible damage that you can’t do your own home siding replacement or repairs, then get it professional power wash and be done with it. If it has a lot buckling, cracking, and is faded, then new home siding replacement is the better decision. 
  • The Timing Available: If you are going to need to sell fast because of a job relocation or other issue, there may not be time for home siding replacement. The time of the year will determine if home siding replacement is possible too. 
  • The Value: The current value of your home can be a factor in this decision too. A low market priced home, like $50,000, you won’t get your money back on a home siding replacement.  A home that is valued at $250,000 however, you will most likely get a hefty ROI your efforts. 
  • The Cost: Get a couple of estimates on home siding replacement and discuss the cost you’re your real estate agent. They can advise if the possible expense of $5,000 and up is going to be worthwhile and give you the ROI needed. 

Analyze the cost vs benefits, it is the numbers at the bottom line when it comes to deciding whether home siding replacement. A home siding replacement job can give you as much as 75% ROI, which will repay your expense.  If your agent suggest that it will bring less than that, it may not be worth your time and trouble.

To Start Things Off in This Quest, determine if your home needs new siding with these tips: 

  • The Overall Picture: Even an inexperienced and untrained eye will see that a home has cracked or missing sections of siding.  From a distance, look at your home and if you see significant damage, it is time for home siding replacement. If your home’s exterior is chipped, faded, or peeling, looking worn out and aged, then a home replacement siding job is needed. 
  • Growth: If your home has mildew or mold under the existing siding, a new home siding replacement job is a must. Not just for your home’s health, but your family’s health too.  Get anything repaired or replaced before having the siding installed to stop the damage from continuing. 
  • The Temperature Balance: If the air conditioning bill this past summer was much higher than last year, it could be siding is allowing the cool air to escape and hot air to seep in. 

As you contemplate new home siding replacement, refer to this article for reminders and tips of what to look for and to expect.  Your home is a large investment for your family future, making the right decision is important. Call 757-633-9949 today!