What is the best type of roof shingles?

Damaged roofing shingles.

How is your roof doing today?

Up on the rooftop, click, click, click. Down through the chimney come asphalt granules from the roof shingles. Well, actually, those granules are filling up the gutter runs and falling to the ground, but you get the gist of this, right? 

If you’ve been asking yourself “Should I replace my roof,” these granules are telling you something. They mean you may need a new roof installed soon. At the very least, you need a professional roof inspection. This way, your roofing technician can tell you if you have roof shingles that need repairing, or even if the entire roof needs to be replaced. If you think now might be a good time to get asphalt shingle repair or replacement, you can reach out to the Neblett Construction team at 757-633-9949 to schedule your service.

When to Replace Your Roof

So, when should you replace your roof? There are many different answers to that, in part because there are different types of roofing materials, each having a different lifespan. But in keeping with our original question, how many years does a shingle roof last? Asphalt roof shingles that have been professionally installed and properly maintained can last up to 20 years before they need replacement. 

The better the grade and quality of your asphalt roof shingles, the longer they can last. For example, architectural roof shingles have been known to give homeowners upwards of 30 years of service. 

But bear in mind there are other factors that will affect the lifespan of your roof shingles, including the maintenance they receive and the weather they’re exposed to. Even the most resilient metal roofing will have erosion issues at some point. Things that are telling you it is time for a change would be: 

  • Holes and Leaks – If there are holes in your roof that have sunlight coming through, your roof is beyond repair. Maybe it started out as a small crack, but water is the big destroyer. The more water got in that crack, the more damage it did. 
  • Moisture and Water Damage/Stains – These are signs that are screaming “Help!” Any evidence of moisture, water damage, and stains are indications you need new roof shingles, and the sooner the better. This damage could be on the ceiling or walls, in the attic, on the decking, and in the rafters. Also note that if you have a sagging ceiling, that roof leak is likely getting bad. 
  • Exterior Roof Damage – While standing outside your home, do you see missing roof shingles, or notice any that are damaged or rotten? This is an indication of roof shingles that need replacing at the very least, but most likely, the entire roof needs to be replaced. Call your roofing contractor for an inspection and an estimate. Once they have inspected your roof, they can tell you if you’ll need to repair any roof shingles or if replacement is the better choice. 

What are the top-rated roofing shingles?

There are several brands of roof shingles on the market these days, each offering their own roof shingle colors, designs, and more. But out of all those choices, which roof shingles are the best to use on your home? It is a personal choice when it comes down to it, and often a matter of budget. But do note that among the different brands of asphalt roof shingle, there are two key types:

  • 3-Tab Shingles – This is the type of roof shingle commonly found on most homes, and can be considered the traditional roof shingle. These roof shingles have three uniform tabs that provide a sleek, sophisticated appearance and lay flat when installed. They are installed against the underlayment on an asphalt roof. 
  • Dimensional Asphalt Shingles – These are also known as architectural laminate roof shingles and are notable for having a variegated appearance, which comes from the multiple asphalt layers they are made with. They are a durable product and are the only choice many roofing contractors offer. They can mimic cedar shake or natural slate without the high cost. 

Is there a 50-year shingle?

Yes, Virginia, there are now 50-year roof shingles! They are obviously going to be more expensive than the more common 30-year roof shingle, and since they claim they offer extensive coverage, that would make sense, right? 

However, whether they actually last 50 years will depend on several factors, like where you live. The weather in Florida is different from the weather in Oklahoma, which is obviously different from the weather in Virginia. These 50-year roof shingles are great in states like Texas, but not so much in Florida. Buyer beware! 

Close-up of asphalt shingles on a roof.

Closing Thoughts 

These days, more roofing contractors are pushing us to go all green with our new roof shingles, and that is great. However, it makes you wonder, “Can roof shingles be removed and reused?” Or when you have to face the choice between a metal or shingle roof, is metal the better way to go for recycling purposes? 

What many don’t tell you is that asphalt roof shingles can be recycled. Yes, there is still a portion that goes to the landfill, but there is also a huge part of them that is recycled, like the asphalt material in them. So, when you get a new roof, ask the contractor if they’ll be taking this load to the dump or a recycling center. They may not be aware of this option, so do your research and enlighten them! If you’re ready to get started, call Neblett Construction at 757-633-9949 to schedule your service.