Why My Furnace is Not Working?

A Gas Furnace Open for Repair Service.

Why my furnace is not working?

When it turns cold, the last thing you want to happen is to discover your furnace is not working. If your furnace is not working, it could mean you need furnace repair or it may need to be replaced. There are several reasons why your furnace may not be working.

If you have a gas furnace, it’s possible the pilot light is off. This could be a simple fix: the pilot light just needs to be lighted. If that doesn’t do the trick, or the pilot light won’t stay lit, it could mean the pilot orifice is clogged or the thermocouple is loose or faulty.

Similarly, on an electric furnace, make sure your thermostat is switch over to heat. If your heater doesn’t switch on then, you could have a tripped circuit breaker or blown fuse. You may also wonder, “Can a bad thermostat cause furnace to not work?” The simple answer is, “Yes.” Problems with the thermostat are often the cause of heater problems. This is usually a result of faulty or aging wiring, so the wiring needs to be checked out.

Another common problem is a dirty filter. Dirty filters can cause your heater to blow cool air or not work at all. Changing your filter or having it cleaned regularly will ensure the heater is running properly. 

General aging and wear and tear may cause problems with your furnace as well. Worn out belts or fan motors, worn out ball bearings or cracked heat exchangers or other malfunctioning or faulty parts could lead to your need furnace repair or even replacement.

If you’re having trouble getting your furnace to heat up, and want expert furnace repair in Virginia Beach, VA, count on the professionals at Neblett Construction. To schedule service, give us a call at 757-633-9949.

What happens if you run your furnace without a filter?

While you can run your furnace without a filter for a day without much harm, running it continually without a filter can harm your furnace and ruin your indoor air quality. The filter helps manage airflow into the system and filters out contaminants like dust, pollen, and other harmful particles. Without a filter, these contaminants can eventually damage major components like the blower motor and evaporator coils, which could lead to the furnace breaking down and requiring furnace repair or even needing to be replaced sooner than normal.

Running the furnace without a filter will also sooner than later drastically diminish your indoor air quality. The dust and debris and other particles will get into your air and ventilation ducts, clogging the ductwork and preventing quality airflow. The dust will also be pushed back out through your vents and into your home. This could lead to health problems. 

If you are having problems with your ductwork, you may want to check your attic for damaged ducts. Poor insulation or damage to your roof can also affect airflow, ventilation, and energy usage in your home. If you have roof damage and need asphalt shingle repair in Virginia Beach, VA, you have plenty of reliable residential roofing options.

What do you do when your furnace goes out?

If your furnace goes out or doesn’t heat up, there’s no immediate need to panic. Often some simple checks can get it running again. The first place to look is the thermostat itself. It may be set on cool instead of heat, so it just needs to be switch over. You may also want to set it up to five degrees higher than room temperature to see if it will kick on the furnace. You’ll also want to check the wiring to see if it is loose or faulty.

If your filter is dirty, it can block airflow and even cause the system to shut down. Clean or change the filter regularly. You may also want to check your air ducts, especially if you’re getting heat in some rooms but not others. Make sure the dampers are completely open, and the air ducts themselves aren’t leaking.

If you have a gas furnace, check to see if the gas valve is turned on and the pilot light is on. If you’ve had recent furnace repair, check to see if the blower motor panel is closed all the way. If it is open even slightly, the unit will not turn on. This is a safety feature of the system.

Should these tests fail, your best option is to call professionals like those at Neblett Construction for furnace repair. You can reach out to schedule an appointment with us by calling 757-633-9949.

Furnace repair vs replace

While occasional furnace repair may be necessary, frequent repairs are one reason you might choose to replace your furnace rather than just continuing to repair it. When considering furnace repair vs. replacement, you’ll want to stay alert to these signs:

  • If it’s 16 to 20 years old or older, it’s time to replace the furnace. Furnaces rarely last longer than 20 years or so.
  • A furnace that’s less than 12 years old will probably just need repairs. Check with a professional who can recommend repairs or replacement.
  • If your energy bills are going up in the winter, your furnace may be the culprit. As furnaces age and wear out, they use more energy to run.
  • When you begin to repair the furnace frequently, you’re probably better off replacing it. Furnace repairs tend to occur more often in the last two years of the furnace’s life.
  • If you are noticing you’re having to adjust your thermostat frequently or finding some rooms that are too cold while others are too hot, your furnace isn’t distributing warm air properly in your home and needs to be replaced.
  • Both gas and electric furnaces as they age can begin to produce carbon monoxide, which can be dangerous to your health. If your furnace is producing carbon monoxide, it needs to be replaced.
  • Strange noises like banging or popping or squealing, are signs your furnace has major problems and you should consider replacing it.

What is the average cost of furnace repair?

On average, the median cost of a furnace repair is about $300. Much of the cost of the repair will depend on what is being repaired, if you have parts still under warranty, and if you have to pay service fees or labor costs. The size and age of the furnace will also be factored into the cost of the repair.

Furnace repair for low income

While furnace repair can be costly, if you are low income you may qualify for assistance through the federal government. The Heating Repair and Replacement grant provides assistance for repairs for those with low or moderate incomes. To find out if you qualify, you can check with your local Department of Social Services, Housing and Human Services or a community action organization. 

A Technician Cleans Out a Furnace.

Furnace repair near me

If you are wondering who to call for furnace repair in Virginia Beach, VA, you need to look no further than Neblett Construction. We’ll provide you with exceptional service every time. Give us a call today at 757-633-9949 to schedule a service appointment.